ReadyNas and Time Machine backup

I have a Netgear ReadyNas Duo server which I use for backups, as a media server and a harddisk server accessible across my home network. Very recently I had changed my router to a much powerful Belkin Dual Band N Router for better streaming of online content on my Sony 3D TV. After changing the router I faced a very strange problem that time machine of my Macbook Pro stopped detecting the ReadyNas server even though the Hard disk server was enabled for Time Machine backups. After trying lot of things I had reached a frustration point and was very scared of loosing my data if something happens to my Mac.

Today I found a very simple solution for that and if any of you have the same problem (ReadyNas getting detected from Finder but not my Time Machine) I would strongly suggest to follow the below steps

  • Open Finder, From the menu choose Go - Connect to Server. Type in afp://<readynas>/ReadyNAS (substitute <readynas> with your ReadyNAS IP address).
  • Login using username ReadyNAS and the chosen password, I also added the password to the keychain.
  • You should now be able to see the ReadyNAS volume in Time Machine.

Author: pradeep