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Custom Spinner in action
I found some really cool stuff that can be used in any web 2.0 website development. If anybody is interested in reading about the latest and greatest Web2.0 toys, then this a must site.I am really impressed by its contents and I am going to use some of the tools mentioned here in And if you are hooked to jquery, do not forget to visit the section which displays all cool JQuery plugins.
Spinners became popular with AJAX since it was the most popular way of letting the user know that something is happening in the background and the UI would get updated soon. Today in addition to the conventional spinner, we have lot more other formats of it.If you want to create your own custom indicator and spinner with custom color etc, visit this website

I love to put some pictures whenever I write something on my blog.But I always found that the website became slower with pictures since it was taking time to load these pictures taken in a 8 MP camera.I recently found website that would convert pictures into favicons.This is really cool.

Choosing the color is one task that any webdeveloper would be doing a lot. One easy way to choose the color you want is using this color picker website
Updated on 03/06/2009
Found something interesting for creating website logos. This is for those who can't afford Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. GIMP (for bitmap images, like Photoshop) and Inkscape (for vector graphics, like CorelDRAW or Illustrator) are two freewares which can be used to create your own logos. If you are running out of ideas as to how your website logo should look like, here's a page that would help you.

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