Top 10 Twitter Applications - March 2009

Below is the analysis of Top 10 twitter applications for March 2009. The stats were collected from Compete.

Date: 03/2009      
   Month Δ    
Year Δ      2,418,179      54.6% 13354.5%      541,218      43.4%     N/A      450,208      44.3%     N/A      447,450      27.8%     860.4%      220,316      32.6%     468.7%           221,036 
    541.2%     121,088     58.5%    N/A     68,393       0.7%    N/A     55,134       3.7%       -5.3%

  • Twitpic has continued its popularity and retained its No 1 position from February.It has seen a growth of more than 50% in its unique visitors in one month. That was a awesome growth! Twitpic allows users to share their photos in Twitter.
  • Tweetdeck is at the second spot this month with 541,218 unique visitors. Tweetdeck helps in streamlining tweets and notifications.
  • Third position goes to twittercounter (which was at 4th position in Jan).This app gives the top 10,000 most followed Twitter users.
  • At the fourth position is digsby and this app helps in centralizing  email, IM and social networking accounts into one desktop app.
  • At fifth position this month is twitterfeed. Twitterfeed can help you post messages directly to twitter,, custom laconica installations, and via HelloTxt or, simultaneously to the many platforms supported by these services.
  • Sixth position goes to twitterholic and this app is a popular app that ranks you based on your Followers.It lists the top 100 users.
  • twtpoll is at seventh position and as the name suggests, this helps you create a poll in twitter
  • Eight position goes to retweetist and this app helps you to retweet others tweets.
  • stands at ninth position and this app tracks and ranks what URLs people are talking about on Twitter
  • And the tenth position goes to tweetscan.tweetscan searches Twitter, and other Laconica-based sites with more being added all the time.
For a graphical representation of the above data, Compete is also kind enough to provide the graph of it and below is the same. I have divided it into two parts, the top 5 in the first graph and next 5 in the next graph. Hope you all like it and this would help you choosing the right twitter app you need to improve your tweeting! I will try to give this list every month so that you know which is the app that is used by many of your fellow tweeters.

Author: pradeep