The Twitter Spam

My earlier post How Am I Using Twitter talked about my start with Twitter and how am I using it to increase the traffic to my website.But in my efforts to increase my followers, I started realizing that twitter itself has started a small industry around it.Is this good? Well there are two types of things that I found out. First one is  something that is trying to take advantage of Twitter Open APIs and create some kind of services around it. Examples like twitterfeed, TweetDeck etc. This has really helped Twitter users to use Twitter in a better way.The other category that I call Spam is those softwares that is helping people automate their Following list. I see hundreds of Tweets in my inbox everyday that claims that they can increase out followers by 1000 just a button click.Just out of curiosity, I saw one of those videos that claimed to do that and you have to pay for their service, which is kind of ridiculous! Just Google “twitter friend adder” and you will see what I meant here. Per my knowledge mostly marketing companies are the major users if these softwares who just send out spam to all by having a big list of followers.

In fact even I thought it would be so simple to write JavaScript to start clicking the Follow button on a list of people and run the script on some tools like GreaseMonkey(in Firefox) or similar.You have just get into somebody's followers list and start running this script (This is just a thought as a technical guy and I am not going to implement it, if I do it then I am a contributor to this Spam that  I am talking about)

While this would make my job easier in getting Followers, I just think to myself, where is all this leading? Isn't twitter turning out to be another kind of Spam folder that we have in our mail inbox? When I started Twitter, I just had my friends and few guys whom I wanted to follow.And mostly I used to read all the tweets and click on links that were posted. But now with the followers increasing everyday, I find it really hard to read  messages posted. I don't even care to read them and I just log in to twitter to post my updates and promptly log out after that. In the process I am missing some great tweets posted by some people I admire (mostly technical stuff).

I just got tired of reading new emails on my iPhone about new Followers on Twitter and finally I had create a Filter on my Yahoo mail account to send all Twitter emails to Junk folder.This I am talking with a followers list of 500+. I am not sure how people with 10000+ followers are managing their Twitter account.With the kind of growth Twitter is seeing I think we would reach a point where in all these following/followers concept would be kind of un-manageable.Before that happens, hope that the Twitter team comes up with some kind of authentication/authorization policy that would eventually control this. Twitter is too good a thing to happen to this Web 2.0 and I just don't want it to be some kind of Spam going forward. Lets all put our efforts to make this happen and ban the usage of these Twitter automatic follower softwares.

Author: pradeep