The Million and Billion Race

Well Well Well! There are two different races going on in the technology industry.There are two competitors in one race (or rather I would say three) and the second race is dominated by one player. I hope y'all know what am talking


Lets talk about the first race, the million race. Two people are racing for the million subscribers in our own Twitter, first account is the most popular cnnbrk which was previously owned by James Cox and now bought by CNN for a undisclosed account. I am sure he is having a big laugh now!! CNNBRK has 949,925  followers when I write this article and by all reports is expected to reach million by tomorrow. The second guy is Ashton Kutcher and he has 922,937 followers currently.The game all started when Ashton publicly challenged CNN to the Twitter polularity contest . My favorite reporter in CNN, Larry King gave it back to Ashton by saying that CNN could bury him. Both these interesting videos can be seen here

The third person, who is also close to these two profiles, but has stayed out of this contest is the pop diva Britney Spears.She currently has 916,881 followers.

Who ever wins the race, one comany that is growing exponentially (in terms of users) is twitter and I am sure Twitter management team would be more than happy to get such free publicity and that too on a national television. If you want any of these guys to win the race and have not followed them, what are you waiting for?? Sign up with your twitter account and start following your hero Laughing

 The second race that I had mentioned was the iPhone app download reaching a billion count. Currently Apple reports that it has currently 959602000 downloads. The latest count can be seen here  and its updated every milli second. Now think how popular is this iphone and its appstore!! However, here apple here has no competition. Apple deserves all the credit for giving us the new era phone in 2007.Imagine life without iPhone, we would probably be stil using those old styled phones and nobody would have ever thought of getting something new. Though there are lots of iPhone clones today out in market, I think there is not one phone that could match the class of a iPhone - This is just my personal opinion and if I am offending anybody here, I apologise. I hope that android comes up with some astonishing features this year and some big player design a fanstastic phone from it.After all its from google.

 Update on 2009-04-17 -  Ashton Kutcher officially became the first person on this planet to have a million followers. He finally overtook cnnbrk and touched the million mark apromimately 30 minutes before cnnbrk had million followers. Just wanted to update this in this article.


Author: pradeep