Swype - New way to type on your smart phone

Came across this new technology for typing in your smart phone  called Swype. This looks quite promising as its lot easier than the traditional typing especially in a smart phone. The main idea is that you don't lift your fingers to type different word - you just swype across the keys.

To get an idea of how this works, Techcrunh recently reported a video that demonstrated SWYPE vs traditional typing in an iPhone. It also further states that it will be part of Android in 2010. Samsung has also announced that  it will be launching OMNIA II on Windows Mobile 6.5 with Verizon.

 Only time can tell if SWYPE would be threat to iPhone, but this is for sure a good invention to watch for.

Swype was developed by founders Cliff Kushler and Randy Marsden, along with a very talented team of software programmers and linguists.Together, their experience is unmatched in developing onscreen keyboard-based text input solutions for mobile touch-screen device.


Interesting video that compares Swyping with iPhone typing

Author: pradeep