Nettop - New entry in Desktop segment

We had not ever heard of this PC category in 2008, but now all of a sudden this is making buzz all around for a reason!

Why was this category non-existent a year ago?
Actually its not true, this existed since some time and Apple was selling it in the form of iMac. Now all of a sudden PC makers opened up their eyes and thought that this could be the best selling thing in the shrinking economy as its gentler on anybody's wallet as well as its nice looking & cool. Nettops are a subcategory of desktop PCs and is a computing platform powered by the Atom processor that runs either Windows XP/Vista or a flavor of Linux.From a long time we are used to see a person carrying a notebook or have a desktop at his home.Ever since the economy got squeezed since 2008, people think 100 times before buying anything.That is when a this new category had its birth. Now Nettops are the new entry in this PC computing segment.
What is the difference between a Netbook and a Nettop?

I have taken the liberty of taking these definitions from wikipedia  - Netbook and Nettop

A netbook (a portmanteau of the words Internet and notebook) is a small portable laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet.Primarily designed for web browsing and e-mailing, netbooks rely heavily on the Internet for remote access to web-based applications and are targeted increasingly at cloud computing users who require a less powerful client computer.

A Nettop is a type of mini desktop or small form factor computer designed for performing basic computation tasks such as surfing the Internet, accessing web-based applications and rich internet applications, document processing and audio/video playback etc.The word Nettop is a portmanteau of Internet and desktop.

Why should I buy a nettop instead of a desktop?
  • Nettop is cheaper compared to a laptop.
  • It consumes less power than a typical desktop and hence you are becoming more greener.
  • It needs smaller space at your house and looks much cleaner to keep it around.
  • You usually would not need a powerful desktop or a laptop unless you are doing some serious programming or running complex applications.
  • It would ideally suit a retiree who would just use his computer for surfing, checking emails or youngsters who don't want the portability of a notebook.
Many companies are planning major releases of Nettops this year and by this thanksgiving we should be seeing lot of these out in the market. Discount retailers like Costco, Walmart, Target would love to sell these Nettops since it would take lesser space for their inventory than the traditional desktops & its parts.
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Acer just launched its first NVIDIA Ion-based nettop: AspireRevo. Many more to come. So lets hope to get something better to our home than the age old desktops
Source for this article
wikipedia and cnn

Author: pradeep