Mercurial support for Project Hosting on Google Code

Google just announced the support of Mercurial version control system in addition to Subversion that is been currently supported.This is being initially rolled out as a preview release to a few invited users on a per-project basis before making this available to the general public.

Mercurial, like Git and Bazaar, is a distributed version control system (DVCS) that enables developers to work offline and define more complex workflows such as peer-to-peer pushing/pulling of code. It also makes it easier for outside contributors to contribute to projects, as cloning and merging of remote repositories is really easy.

For newbies on Google Project Host, if you are working on a open source project or planning to start one, you can host your opensource project in Google Project Host.Like most Google products, the site is built on scalable Google infrastructure and uses AJAX for the user interface. The issue tracker is written in Python, and uses Google's free-text search technology. The Subversion server is based on the standard open source product, with changes to run on Google's infrastructure.It offers service like source control, issue tracking, project wiki.

Author: pradeep