How am I using Twitter?

Twitter is a buzz these days and if you are not tweeting is something very uncool. Reading lot about it in top news sites like cnn, NYTimes, I decided to give it a try a month ago.Though initially I was not very active using it, off late I am seeing a lot of advantages of using it, espeically if you have a online presence and you want to market it.

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To start with I just had my friends following me and vice versa. But then I used to wonder how come some people have 20,000 or 30,000 followers. Do they really have those many friends? It turns out to be that most of the followers/following are unknown people. You just start randomly following somebody, you can just jump into somebody's profile and start following all his followers.And usually the guy whom you start following responds positively and he also starts following you. This way you build your relationship in twitter. More the number of followers you have,  your twitter profile has more value! In last week or so, I have about 200 people following me and I am following about 400 people. This is quite amazing, I have a target of at least10000 people in a month or so Laughing
Now how do you use twitter to market your online business/blog? There are two ways to do it, one is to manually tweet all your new blog articles or updates to your website directly. Have a brief message of what that blog post is about in the tweet. If you find shortage of characters, do not forget to use by which you can reduce the url length.

The other way to tweet your blogs is by signing up at You provide your website url and your twitter id there are from then on, you could automate tweeting of your blog posts/website updates. One job less for you! Isn't it simple?

I am not a pro blogger  that my website has a million hits every month or so. My website, was just started two months ago and the hits to my blog posts is still limited to 30 to 40 per post. Earlier it was just my friends who were reading my posts, but now I see lots of new comers who read my blog. I am quite happy with that and inspired to write more. Hopefully somebody I can boast of having a decent trafficCool

Author: pradeep