Google Web Elements

One more feather to Google's innovation cap - Google today released a new feature called Google Web Elements which will allow you to easily add your favorite Google products onto your own website.

How is this different from those weather and other widgets that you have seen in the past? Well, the key difference is that even though you embed these web elements in your website, its google who controls these web elements. In sense, internally its equivalent to going to google website and using those google products. The other distinguishing feature is that these web elements can either be restricted to just your website or it can be a global web element. When its restricted to your website, then the updates are enabled only in your website. When its set as a global element, then somebody else can grab the code for this web element (a link is provided for that) and embed it in their website. Now any modification made anywhere is visible in all places where this web element is embedded. This is particular very useful for things like a discussion topic, say on a  movie or a game. You can use the Conversation element for this purpose.

Currently the following web elements are supported, with more to come in near future..
Calendar : Remind visitors of important dates by adding Google Calendar to your site.
Conversation: Let visitors post comments directly to your website by using the Conversation element.
Custom Search : Harness the power of Google to let visitors search your website and other sites you choose.
Maps: Add Google Maps to your site to help visitors find a location.
News: Show the latest Google News articles on your website, based on topics you choose.
Presentations:Embed Google Docs presentations into your webpage so visitors can watch them directly on the page.
Spreadsheets:Make sure your site's visitors see up-to-date information. Publish Google Docs spreadsheets directly to your site.
YouTube News:Keep visitors engaged by showing videos from YouTube directly on your website 
To demonstrate this feature, I have embedded a conversation web element below. Just taking a random topic, this is to discuss if you guys like this Web Element feature google has provided. I have set this as a global web element, so that anybody can embed this element in their website. If you have a site, please embed this there, just for testing this and lets see how it works.You need to login (google/yahoo/openid and few more) to comment.Please do leave some comment Smile

Author: pradeep