Free Radio Apps for your iPhone

Ever since iPhone has opened up app store for developers, one thing that has become quite popular is radio streaming in iPhones. Today we have so many apps that basically stream live radio channels and choosing the right one for you is very important. I have tried to list some of the popular radio apps aavailable today on app store.The criteria to list these apps is that it had to be free and it had to feature in top 20 radio apps in iPhone

  • Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your iPhone. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it.
  • iheart radio brings your favorite radio stations to the iPhone or iPod Touch for free.The new version lists categoriezed radio station by format and location. Cities are listed in alphabetical order. Once you find a station you like you can add it to your favorites, and get to it quickly by going to the Favorites tab on the bottom of iheart radio. Other new tabs include Tagged Songs and Shake it!While listening to a song, (now playing) you can “tag” it which basically creates an entry for that song in the Tagged Songs tab.
  • Listen to more than 5 million tracks for free on your iphone.Create personal radio stations based on any artist or genre and listen to commercial free music for hours.You can also check artist bios and concert information and share your favorite tracks with your friends using iphone contact list.
  • Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Radio Experience the all new Yahoo! LAUNCHcast Radio powered by CBS radio, a free iphone experience that allows you to access your favorite stations while on go.
  • AOL Radio AOL® Radio powered by CBS Radio features over 200 stations spanning more than 25 genres of music plus 150+ CBS Radio stations from across the U.S. Access hundreds of free music stations plus a variety of popular terrestrial news/sports/talk stations, including those from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and more. Tag favorite stations and songs for easy access later; Detects your location to provides the nearest CBS Radio station ;Find songs you have listened to recently on iTunes or AOL Music ;Album art and information displays on the Now Playing screen
  • Public Radio Tuner Listen to public radio on your iPhone and iPod Touch with the Public Radio Tuner iPhone application. You will find many public radio station's streams available to stream on your iPhone or iPod Touch when you install the free Public Radio Tuner application from the iTunes App Store.Public radio offers a huge variety of programs, local news, culture and commentry
  • Slaker Radio Listen to unlimited free music on your iPhone. The free Slacker Radio App gives you access to the entire Slacker music library featuring millions of songs from thousands of artists. Listen to over 100 expert programmed radio stations or create your own custom stations directly on the iPhone.
  • Stitcher Radio Free personalized news and entertainment streamed to your iPhone. You can save favorites, rate shows and then Stitcher finds other shows you’ll like and “stitches” together a station for you. We were recently described as “the Pandora of everything but music” by TechCrunch. Stitcher Radio is Free personalized news and entertainment streamed to your iPhone. You can save favorites, rate shows and then Stitcher finds other shows you’ll like and “stitches” together a station for you.
  • SHOUTcast Radio is the leading Internet directory of professionally and community programmed radio stations in the world. SHOUTcast features more than 26,000 stations from around the globe. Every day over 700,000 listeners explore the 30+ genres of music, news, talk, public, community and world programming. Now you can take all your favorite SHOUTcast stations with you anywhere
  • Jelly Radio - Connect your apple device to your car, headphone, home stereo, club sound system in store sound system and more.Its better than CD quality.The 3D sound enhancement really adds dimension to the sound.This is really great feature which you can turn on or off at will to hear the difference.
  • Our Stage Radio  offers an exciting to discovver new music through your iphone.Featuring the best music from New artists in country, rap,rock, pop and many other music genres.
With so many radio stations today available in the app store, its so easy to still keep hooked to your favorite radio stations while you are on go! My personal favorite stations out of these are AOL and iHeart Radio

Author: pradeep