Efforts to add Music

I have been busy organizing my Hindi MP3 collection over last two weeks. Its really very time consuming and sometimes boring.I got a freeware from SourceForge that has helped me ease my work, but still there is hell lot of manual work. Put up all the missing info in each song, right from song name, genre, artist, music director, artwork etc.I have finished almost 75% of my 10gb songs, but this is only for Hindi. once I am done with this, I have more Kannada stuff and then some Indian classical stuff. At least to start with, I can put up all Hindi songs that I have now, into the music section.Going on, I am planning to add more into my collection, atleast some of those rare songs that is very difficult to find anywhere in the net. 
I also wrote a small Java program over the weekend that would read the year information from the MP3 file and categorize it under the respective year folder, like if it was of the year 1972, then it would come under the category "1970-1979". By this way, I am making browsing a bit easier. I may even reduce the window to 5 years instead of 10. This program, if modified a bit can also do some massaging of the MP3 tag info a bit programatically. If anybody is looking for some software like this, do post a comment and I can share it. This also reminds me to add this feature to PRAISEDLIGHT where in I can upload these kind of small utilities and if somebody is looking for something similar, the need not re-invent the wheel.Once I finish the massaging of the MP3 files, I will run this program on root folder of my collection and the output should be the beautifully organized music collection. If I had missed mentioning, I have now successfully added the file tree component into the music section and now if you go through the Music section,you can browse through the directory structure and then play songs from the selected folder, though I have randomly placed some songs in there.The challenge was to integrate the filetree component and the MPJAX player.I had to write some php code for the servicing the ajax requests and tweak some javascript code of both jquery filetree and MPJax.
I have also downloaded all the nice jQuery tutorials from ThemeForest into my iPhone and have been watching it in my commute to Manhattan.I also found some nice PHP tutorials as well in the same site and I am gonna watch it once I am done with jQuery.
My idea is to add, drag, drop and play feature in the music section. What this means is that, user would browse through the music list and just drag whichever songs he likes into a droppable area and the player would automatically play songs found in the dropped area.This way  user can create his play list from a wide range of songs. jQuery UI provides in built support for this drag and drop feature and I am thinking that implementing this feature should be relatively simple. I also need to provide a accordion or a dialog box that would display the complete information of a track selected. Only major challenge for me is to find a new player that is more flexible in terms of playing songs from any location (instead from a single location as my current player MPJAX does). I have already identified two free players for this and will implement using one of them. One is  Zanorg Radio and other is Music Player, the latter looks like a good choice for me now.The last but not least, feature that I want to put in is search capability for songs, which is quite obviously needed.

Author: pradeep