Domains Registered!

I keep getting new ideas for website development and though none of them have materialized so far, whenever I think that the idea has some potential, I used to atleast register that domain in my name. In this process, I have registered 3 domians and its now parked in my name at I will talk about the ideas behind these registrations in a separate blog, since it needs more time to write about it!
The following are the domains registered so far in my name
The annual costs for these domains are pretty cheap, around 10 to 12 bucks and hence I thought its a good thing to have these in my name.I hope that someday,these domains would be utilized someway, either by myself or somebody else. If anybody is looking at buying these domains, please make me an offer and if the offer is good, I would definitely take a look.You can leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you. This also reminds me to add a Contacts section to this website by which anybody can contact me easily through basic modes of communication, viz phone, email, IMs. I will add this task on my calendar and should be done this weekend.

Author: pradeep