Valentine's Day - Dinner in Thai Basil

This is our 6th Valentine's day since I am with Sannutha from 2004.Though I am not a hard core believer of all these celebrations, I think its just one nice way to tell your dear one how much you love them.

Place - We decided at last moment to go to Thai Basil in South Plain field, NJ. Initially we had decided to go to Nanking, the Indian Chinese place in South Plain field, but after seeing the crowd there and the wait time (they were not taking reservations for 14th) we changed our mind and went to nearby Thai Basil. I am great lover of Thai food and had so far tried only two Thai places in around NYC, Thai NY in Manhattan and Thai Kitchen in Bridgewater. So was excited to try a new place.

Menu - Thai Basil was a real surprise for both of us in terms of menu. Probably because of the number of Indian guests, they had a huge selection of Vegetarian items in their menu. I had ordered Veggie Tom Yum soup and Sannutha had her favorite spring rolls as starters.Tom Yum was really very tasty and so was the spring rolls. For the main course we had Pad Thai and Yellow Mango curry.This was probably the best Thai food I had every tried. Yellow Mango curry was really so tasty and I had finished almost the whole big serving, with two bowls of rice. Same with Pad Thai, though quantity wise it was a bit less than many thai places, it tasted great.Even Pranutha enjoyed the Pad Thai sitting on her high chair.

Ambiance - Though it did not have that great feeling like few other Thai places I had been, it still was pretty decent place to go out for dinner. The best part is that the veggie food that we had did not have any sea food aroma in it, which I have noticed in lot of Thai places.

Price - Dinner for two of us had only cost 36 bucks including gratuity. I would consider it as pretty decent.

Rating - *** (out of *****)

My Reaction  - Laughing I would definitely go to this place once again to try out their other veggie items.

Author: pradeep