Shame on Indian Democracy

I was looking at the footage of the Mangalore pub incidents, assaulting, molesting women. It was really a sad day for our democracy. It is like raping in public. I really feel very sorry for the girls who are the victims and their families, especially since it has happened in a conservative place like Mangalore. I exactly know how people would look at you once these kind of things happen.Both my mother and my wife originally belong to that place.

But I have a simple question, why is that this incident been publicized so much? It is literally coming in all national televisions and is making rounds in almost all Indian news websites 100 times.Is there any hidden agenda? Would the same news channels, websites give the same publicity had this incident happened to a lower middle class girl or a girl from a really poor background,? As a matter of fact, we do hear so many molesting cases, kidnapping cases, raping cases everyday. But none of them make a head line.It would come as a small news somewhere and just disappear. Saying this, I am not saying that the culprits must be spared.Very stringent action should be taken against them and I hope Karnataka government does that. This RamaSena or whatever has no right to take the law in its hands and do these kind of goondaism. There should not  be any place for these people in democracy.

I also feel there is lot of politics behind this news hyping. Generally people tend to believe that RamSena has the support of the ruling BJP, as its name starts with word RAM!And BJP has enough enemies in karnataka with all DeveGowdas and Congress trying to find a opportunity to destabilize the government and take a edge in the coming Loksabha elections. I think BJP should take a clear stand on their association with Ram Sena so that people know exactly who are these culprits.Its really a shame that each and every incident is now politicized and the news channels are just a medium for doing that.When would India come out of all these?

Author: pradeep