IPad2 is out today!


IPad2 is out today!

I never thought serioulsy about buying an ipad for myself since I already have an iphone and a macbook pro(which I mostly carry wherever I go, be it my daily commute or weekend drives). I always used to argue with my friends that not everybody needs a ipad and its maily for gamers and for readers. But I was proved wrong the other day - Monday March 7th. It was our 7th wedding anniversary and I had taken my wife to a romantic dinner cruise in New york city. The cruise was from Bauteux and it was awesome, much in Newyork style.If somebody is planning to have some romantic night I would definitely recomend it,the only drawback being the high price tag - $157 per person.With the cruise you would have never seen New York’s world-renowned skyline quite like this. The most up-close views, separated only by glass windows and water. An elegant experience of creative plated dining prepared fresh onboard daily. Sophisticated live jazz for dancing. Outstanding service and it was like an European-inspired cruise in New york city!

Coming to my ipad impression - as usual in the cruise a lady with a  camera came in as we were getting ready for the dinner in the cruise and asked to pose for some portraits which we happily did. Then she opened her ipad and showed us all the photos taken instantly on it (wirelessly transferred). On a normal day probably I would not have taken the photo, but she displaying it in ipad and all made so much difference that I ended up buying one of the photos on my wife's insistance.

Now that the ipad 2 is out today on stores, I am seriously finding reasons to own one of it. Following are some of the features that I really liked about it

  • Thinner than a iphone - just can't believe it!
  • Dual core chip - not sure how would this matter,but still something to look for
  • Two cameras, HD video,facetime support
  • Smart cover  that has a  built-in magnets to draw it to iPad for a perfect fit that not only protects, but also wakes up, stands up, and brightens up iPad

The other day I was talking to one my friend for whom I am doing some freelance IT projectand he was so impressed seeing my macbookpro and we had conversation about it for 15 minutes. Now think about how an ipad 2 would make an impression on him. On other words can I tell that Apple helps you make an impression!! :)

Author: pradeep