First of all, many many congrats to Mr.A.R.Rahman and Mr.Resul Pookutty for winning the OSCARS. This is something incredible and truly laudable! Hats off to you guys. You have made us Indians proud!

I literally grew up listening to the melodies and fusions created by Rahman and there is no second thought that he is the man who changed the Indian music in early 90s.Most of the music directors then were still following the path of the likes of RD Burman, Lakshmikant Pyaralal. Not that there is something wrong with that, but at times it sounded so pale, repetitive and boring. With the entry of Roja, A.R.Rahman changed it all. With this he not only fusioned east and west, he also introduced technology to the music world.

While I was very impressed by Mr Resul PookuttY'S thank you speech, same was not with the case of the music genius Rahman. It looked like he was expecting the award but was very underprepared for his talk. I would have been happy if he was not at all prepared and was spotaneous. But that was not the case, he was just underprepared. Atleast once he should have talked about India as a country. Rather he choose to tell something in Tamil, which was really so irrelavant in a stage like Oscars. It might be Rahman's nature that he is bit shy, reserved kind of person and I totally respect that. But on a such a big stage, he should have carefully choosen his words. A less known Resul Pookutty really impressed me when he mentioned that he dedicates the award to the whole India. This was something that lacked in Rahman's note.

I was reading the reaction from Indian politicians on these Oscar awards and below is the one from one and only Karunanidhi

"Six crore Tamils are rejoicing over the pinnacle of achievement of this worthy son of Chennai. I join 100 crore Indians in showering flowers of appreciation with pure minds on this scion from a minority community,"

He is even trying to politicize a Oscar award!!!! Come on, give me a break. What is the need of mentioning that Rahman is from a minority community.These guys are so pathetic. They are eyeing a vote bank even here.With these kind of guys around, no wonder India is still a Slumdog for westeners!

Author: pradeep