New stuff from Google

Hope all are buzzing a lot these days! Though I started using Google Buzz, I have not used it a lot. But with whatever I have used it, I must confess that I am really impressed by it for lot of reasons. One, being integrated with gmail - you don't have to go to a differnt place to update your status if you are a gmail user. Second, most of these days lot of corporates are banning social media on their intranet - but its very unlikely that they put a ban on gmail.So that way you will be sure that your microblog is always in a active state. And the last but not least - buzz has some pretty decent light weight interface provided by google itself. Both their web and mobile interface are very good.

Google search has introduced some good new features, in case you have not noticed in your search.

1) You have a Nearby tool in the Search Options panel which would get you search results nearby your current location.So in case you want to search for Mexican food or Indian food near by your location, you don't have to include that in your search. Just use this tool and you would only see the relavant searches.You can choose to see results nearby either your default location or a custom location, and you can narrow down to results at the city, region or state level.

2) Starring your search result - Official Google blog says that it will have this feature where in you can just click the star marker on any search result and the next time you perform a search, that item will appear in a special list right at the top of your results when only relevant. Google says that stars is something that users don't have to remember, they just have to perform a normal search and if they had starred something earlier, you will be rediscovering your starred items right when you need them. Stars is a replacement to SearchWiki, which was hated by many because it was actually re-ranking, deleting, adding search results. But with Stars, you dont do anything of that sort. You will still see the regular search results from google,but the ones you had starred will come up on a separate section.

Star search feature will be rolled out in next couple of days per official googleblog.

Author: pradeep