Motorola Droid

I am proud iPhone owner ever since its first launch in 2007 June. I was so happy with the first version of it that I even upgraded to the next release, the 3G one. But off late I was always feeling that this iPhone needs some competition, else it will be a monopoly (nothing against Apply - that is the company that I adore). Though we have seen quite a few smart phone's after iphone, like the Palm Pre, Blackberry Storm, HTC Touch - None of them could stop the iPhone march. The latest product to attempt to compete with iPhone is Droid from Motorola which is based on Google's popular mobile platform - Android.

I came across this Droid ad and its raising everybody's eyebrows. The makers have made a good spoof of iPhone. Not sure how Motorola will keep up with the expectation that its trying to create. For now, enjoy this ad. Droid is expected to hit market soon with Verizon

 In addition to this, Motorola is also coming up with one more Android based phone for TMobile - CLIQ. This also looks quite promising. A overview of this phone can be seen below. CLIQ is coming to market later this month


Other Android based phones hit to market soon are Sprint Samsung Moment and T-Mobile Samsung Behold II .LG, DELL and Sony Ericssion are also coming up with their versions of Smart phones based on Android


Author: pradeep