Live Blogging by a Cricket Player from Dressing room! Is it true or really fake?

This part of the world(America) is not very familiar with the game of cricket, but in Asia, UK, Africa and Australia its one of the very popular games. Till very late the game was played with countries pitted against each other (except the English league). Last year India started a cricket league called Indian Premier League that plays the shorter version of the game called Twenty-20 that is played for less than 3 hours. This is currently being played in South Africa (coz of security issues in India with general elections going on). The so called self proclaimed anonymous player became popular overnight (though nobody knows his name till date) when he started blogging the internal happenings within the team he is part of and in general about the tournament that is being held  for 36 days (started April 18th)

It has caught the eyes of all cricket followers and also the management of the team he is part of. He has been telling the internals of what is happening in the dressing room, the partying nature of cricket players, their internal fight (especially since a popular player called Sourav Ganguly was stripped off captaincy at the last moment), cricket players linking to the fairer sex and all. Though still nobody knows if he is really a cricket player or somebody is just playing around, I spent some time reading through all his blogs that started on April 18th and so far has posted around 26 postings.All his blogs look some what geniune and looks like its a work of somebody who is spending some quality time with the players and especially the team he plays - Kolkotta Knight Riders or he should be really good at imagination with some knowledge on what generally happens in cricket world. The other thing about this blog is he has not taken the direct names of any player and all are referred by nick names or based on their character/nature.The irony is that the entire team management (the team is owned by popular bollywood star Shahrukh Khan) is still not able to nail down the player (from a group of 16 players). as claimed by him This guy  gives enough clues about him probably to mislead people or people who are spying around.He also says that the team management has now banned all laptops/computers from the dressing room and now he has gone a step ahead and he says that he is SMSsing the proceedings to his brother and he blogs on this guy's behalf.

Some of his  posting read like

"The team management is tracking this blog carefully. They have identified 12 members of playing/non-playing staff who are beyond suspicion. Every body else is a suspect until the real one is caught. Someone even mentioned that there's a reward on for anyone who catches the me red handed. May be they should install CCTV cameras in the bathrooms... Hmmmm... I am sure Dildo will enjoy that!"

"Players luv the blog. Y'day, after the match each & every player read it, incl yours truly ;-). Apparently, players of all teams are reading it."

"I am a little stunned by all the attention being bestowed upon me. I mean, I never really expected this. I started this blog only to vent out my frustration. I never wanted this to become so talked about. I woke up today with just one follower on my blog. Right now, just after dinner, I have 17. Is the blog getting too big for me? Am I creating my own Frankenstein? I thought about stopping this altogether. But I believe in doing the right thing. I also believe that while doing the right thing is important, it's equally important to do it the right way. I think the time's right for me to do the right thing the right way. Please read the disclaimer given below."

"We took a cab to Opium. And what a club it is. I mean, I have never seen a club as pulsating as Opium. The club was packed, the crowd was trendy and chic, the babes were hot and slutty, there was a live band playing. I mean, the place was happening.And guess what. The most colourful characters of IPL were there."

There is lot more to read and if you are  interested, be sure you check This is making news headlines all over now.

I am really curious to know who this mystery guys is.......

I also read one more report that this fake guy is not part of any cricket team in IPL and its all his imagination. Read that report here  Probably the truth should come out soon, will post you guys if I have any updates.

Author: pradeep