Instant Messengers for iPhone! Skype & Yahoo


Till late we were seeing lot of third party applications that used to act like a proxy for your yahoo IM or Skype or Google. But this spring we saw two major players in this domain come up with their own iphone versions of their clients. They are Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Both have made debut to the app store in a big way, within a week both figure in the Top 10 free app list.Yahoo IM is at No 8 and Skype is at No 10. This shows the popularity of these instant messengers in general and yahoo/skype in particular. Both these apps have crossed a million downloads mark within the first week of their debut.

Now lets look at some of the key features of these two messengers



  • You can send IMs including emoticons and weblinks
  • You can take a photo on your iPhone or grab it from your photo and share it instantly
  • You can enter custom status message for your friends to see
  • Recent conversations are kept on archive
  • If you leave the app for whatever reason (incoming phone call or open safari etc), your status will be changed to idle and you would be still signed to messenger

What you don't have?

  • You cant log in to other messengers like live or gtalk or see any friends of other messengers. However you can send a SMS to any phone
  • Voice chat is not enabled in any mode (3G or WI-FI)



  • See who is online in skype and instant message them.
  • You can call skype contacts when you are connected to internet via wi-fi.
  • Call any phones or mobiles using the the plans offered by Skype, when you are connected to internet via wi-fi.

What you don't have in here?

  • No message archieving options (atleast I dont know about it)
  • As soon as you close the application, you will be signed out of the messenger

So, both have some disadvantages in terms of usage, but Skype's biggest selling point is the Call feature. Not sure why Yahoo, my favorite IM, are behind skype even here.Come on Yahoo, you could have done it this time atleast!!

Author: pradeep