Time Constraint

I am feeling very guilty these days for my irregularity in writing blogs. Time is the main constraint for this. I have been trying to do multiple things at this point of time and hence I am not finding enough time to fulfill things that I promised on my home page. I was thinking that I should be able to give stock recommendations (I am sure there may not be many takers for that writing in this market though :) ), write about my fitness regime, learn more photography skills and upload some good photos, especially after looking at the photos taken by my manager at work, Anurag Yagnik. His amazing photo collection can be viewed at here. I must confess that this website was my first inspiration in creating  which in turn has opened up so many avenues for me. I now have the expertise in Joomla/PHP/JQUERY and I could use this skill set to start some commercial website pretty soon. I have been telling this to Sannutha from quite some time, hopefully it would materialize soon.

I have a huge collection of Hindi songs, about 16 GB and I am planning to upload all of those to the Music section in my website. Though I found something to play songs, I was looking badly for something that would provide me a AJAX powered tree directory so that anybody can browse through the files/categories if they are looking at some particular songs. I am also planning to add a dynamic play list feature, by which user should be able to search for songs from any artist, any year, any actor or any dynamics like that. This feature would take sometime, but I think the first feature should be done pretty soon as I found that using JQuery it should be pretty simple. I also found some useful JQuery tools at ABeautifulSite So using all these, I am pretty confident that I could develop the said feature pretty soon.

This technical challenge along with work at my full time job and time for family. especially for my little infant, Pranutha has made me to deviate a bit from the original plan. Sometimes I find it so funny that whenever I sit in front of my laptop to do something, if she is around she just comes to my lap and demands to play some rhymes on you tube. She is so adamant on watching rhymes that I have no other choice. But the joy that I see in her face when I play those rhymes are unmatchable.Simply amazing! By the by when I searched for Twinkle Twinkle for her few days back, I found a extermely funny version of it, sung by a south Indian lady in various Indian styles. Not sure if it posted by some individual or is part of some Telvison program, but trust me it is extremely funny.

So if anybody has read my earlier postings, I sincerly apologize for not writing anything recently (except the one on Oscars). I hope I find time and inspiration in writing something worth reading.

Author: pradeep