Terrorism is not a solution

I have always been a critic of the LTTE actvities in Srilanka and elsewhere in the world. Nobody has any  any moral rights to support to terrorism of any form in any country and especially when we Indians are ourselves the victims of it in hands of Pakistan. I have seen that many Tamilians argue that human rights have been violated in Srilanka and this is a fight against that. But the same argument Pakistan might put citing that its been violated in Kashmir and that is why they are supporting bombings all over India. Now we cant be partial that the argument holds good in one place but not in the other.

Though I am not sure about the human rights violation in Srilanka against Tamilians, I do know that lot of Srilanka based Tamilians have been killed and so have lot of Srilankan soldiers and citizens in the last decade or two. People from Tamil Nadu must understand the first and foremost thing, LTTE is nothing more than a mere terrorist organization, involved in killing innocent people and fighting against a elected government in Srilanka. Unless they stop doing this, nobody can expect the Srilankan forces to stop the killing of LTTE supporting people, because that is a Srilanka's national security issue. No county would like to have terrorist organization within their country. Violence is not a solution for anything, it would just create more violence in future which would result in a chain reaction. And last but not the least, how can any Indian support a organization that once upon a time killed one of the most dynamic, young promising Prime Minister of India. And when Indians are asking the whole world to take strong action against terrorism spread by Pakistan recently in Mumbai, how can we claim that the same kind of activity is the correct thing to do in Srilanka?

My friend, Satya sent me a nice picture of LTTE chief Prabhakaran. I thought about writing this article after seeing that and also after having some hot coffee time discussion with my Tamil friend/colleague Vincent.

Author: pradeep