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We all see hundreds of back to school offers all over the internet now a days. These products range from computer to TV to a memory stick to a shirt and what not. But schoolproducts offers back to school offers on products that matter the most for getting back to school- the school items used by all students and teachers. You get great discounts on small items like a pencil,pens, ink, envelops, binders, posters, maps to big items like presentation boards,tables, chairs, filing cabinets, meeting tables. Discounts on these items go upto 70% and top of that is also offering free standard shipping on orders above $50. In addition to this schoolproducts also has plenty of items such as electronics,athletic supplies, arts and crafts etc.

Schools and colleges can also open a corporate account by signing up at their coporate form. By signing up corporates could enjoy special discounts and promotions and talk to dedicated account reps

School Products carries on this tradition of helping schools educate our kids. They are currently developing a nationwide program whereby they will donate up to 7 percent of every order back to local PTAs to help them raise money for school activities and programs.

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Author: pradeep