Photography - Canon 60d and PhotoManhattan - Part 3

This monday - August 15th was the last day of my photography class as PhotoManhattan and it ended with a photo exhibition from students of various batches. Though I did not get a chance to go to the exhibition due to timings of it (it was between 8:30 and 10:30pm), I had submitted my photos for the exhibition. And I heard from my friends that the response was awesome. My theme for the photo exhibition was the various moods of my 3 year old daughter. Though these photos are not really great ones, they are not bad too.


I am now left with a bigger question of buying lens. I was really interested at buying a low aperture lens,but the cost is something that is killing me. Even a Sigma OS 70-200 2.8F lens costs around $1150 at the best. I may just continue with the three lens that I have now - 50mm, 18-55mm and 55 to 250mm f4.0 to 5.6. I think these lens should be good enough for my level of photography to start with. But still looking at photos those low aperture lens take, I get tempted in buying one of them.

Author: pradeep