Photography - Canon 60d and PhotoManhattan - Part 2


I had earlier written about my joining PhotoManhattan for a photographic beginers course. Its now midway and I must confess that the course is really worth if you are considering photography seriosuly and if you have no idea how manual settings work in a Digital SLR camera. My photography skills has definitely improved now and I now know what should I be doing on a bright sunny day, what should be I doing on a low light day, what I should be doing for motion photography,what should I be doing for getting various depth of fields, what should I be doing for taking nice portraits and what should I be doing for taking landscape photos. I also now understand exactly what is shutter priority and what is aperture priority and what kind of lenses I should be using for various photos. I still have about 4 classes left and also have a project assigned where in I will choosing a subject and take 6 photos of that subject every week for next 6 weeks. Out of that 6 photos will be selected for the final photo exhibition which will be on the last day of the course.

I am really happy that I took up this course and I hope to still learn more in next weeks to come. More than anything else I now enjoy taking photos of my daughter when we go out on the weekends as I can take the kind of photos I want. I am sure my skills will improve with time and more photos I take. One of the photo that I like really from last weekend's visit to Central Park is below.


Author: pradeep