Photography - Canon 60d and PhotoManhattan

I recently purchased a Canon 60D kit (2 lenses - 17-55mm and 55 to 250mm) from amazon. Its more than a month I bought it and I have not really experimented with that other than using it in Auto mode (pictures there too come with amazing quality). Due to my busy schedule, I decided the idea of learning it myself is a tough task and hence googled for photography classes in Manhattan. Among the top searches PhotoManhatan was one of the good one for learning  photography basics + they were pretty decent in terms of price. A $319 price for 2 months course (once a week for 2 hours) is not a bad deal. I had also called few guys from craigslist and many of them charge around 200+ for 4-5 hours of teaching.

This course is supposed to be a  complete training on all the basic and intermediate photography techniques and processes: Camera settings, Exposure control, Photo-Composition, Focus control, Basic Lighting, Portraiture and Project development. I just hope that I learn something out of this and this would be a stepping stone in fullfilling my desire of becoming a decent photographer. And with just around 15 to 20 fellow beginers in the course, this should be a perfect setup. The course begins on 6th June and ends 8th August with a choice of Exibhition at the end of the course

My journey with Photography begins with this step. Will post my learnings from the course!

Author: pradeep