Wall Street

I am not a investor in the US stock market(so far, I have just invested in Indian stock market), but every time I go into WalStreet in downtown Manhattan, I get very excited just thinking about how much control this street has on the world economy. I am also quite happy now a days as ever since the general elections in India are over, the stock market has jumped more than 20% taking out lot of my losses.

This long weekend, I had my cousin visiting me from Florida and I was kind of a guide to him, taking around the Manhattan.We went to downtown, Statue of liberty, Wall street, Empire State building and Time square. Covering all these places in a day was quite hectic and it took us almost 12 hours (including our commute to NYC from Edison, NJ) - We had to go to Washington DC/Maryland on Sunday.

Just thought about posting some pictures that we had clicked over that trip!
Wall street was quite crowded with lots of visitors/ tourist, we had to wait really a long time to get our chance to pose in front of NYSE!

Recession had not taken out any excitement of the people to take a picture with the Bull. We all also took some pictures with the bull, with the hopes of catching it sometime soon.

Statue of Liberty was crowded as never before, the line for getting the tickets was endless and we had no hopes of making it through.We all decided not to visit this time. Just to get an idea of the people standing in the line, below is the picture.

Author: pradeep