To My Dad - Happy Birthday

Dad This blog is dedicated to you!

Today is Feb 12th and my Dad completes his 67th year. He has been very special for us right from childhood and even till this date. Both Jeevan and me used to see him as a role model in childhood for his leadership skills, for his public speaking capabilities, for his impressive communication skills, for his hold on the English language, for his talent in various sports like Chess, cricket, badminton, for the sacrifice he did for our upbringing despite so many obstacles financially and non-financially, for his determination to get us the best of education within his limits, for his support in the worst period of my life, for his punctuality towards any work assigned to him, for his honestness, for being a true teacher, for being a good husband to my Mom, for forgiving his dear and near ones despite the bad treatment he got from them.......the list never ends.

My dad was born in Kirgoor village in Coorg district, a country side place in the state of Karnataka. He was the second child in a family of 6 children.His primary education was completed in Kirgoor itself and he joined the teaching profession at a very young age. In fact he was the teacher for one of his brother and sister.Later he did his graduation and post graduation along working. He got married to my  Mom in 1972 and 2 years later Jeevan was born. I was born in 1977. I was later told that he loved girl child a lot and he was bit disappointed that I was bornCool. Nevertheless,  he gave us the best possible childhood and later good education that both of us came out with flying colours in our life. We both were sent for Engineering courses and as far as I know, he has been successful 100% in this aspect. Today we are in USA earning a good pay check and all credit for this goes to  him for his determination to get us good education.

Off late, I have hooked him to computers and he has been very enthusiastic in learning new things in that. He now knows to do all basic operations in a computer, something that is very commendable for his age. Some day, I might even ask him to write a software programLaughing

 Once again Dad, wish you many many happy returns of the day and I just pray God to give me many many many more chances like this to wish you on this day. May all your dreams come true!

Author: pradeep