Pranutha's First Birthday Party

Date -  January 31st 2009,
Event - Pranutha's First Birthday Party
Venue - Ramada Inn, SouthPlainfield, NewJersey, USA

The first birthday party of Pranutha will be ever remembered, by both me and Sannutha for various reasons.We had too many expectations from the party and in the process we over killed ourselves and messed up lot of things.The guests list was about 55 adults and 15 kids.Pretty much everybody had turned up.

To start with,I was sick on Friday and decided to work from home as I did not want to take any risk on my health.By EOD, 3 tylenols had worked on me and I was pretty much ok.But even before I became alright, Pranutha had started Diarrhea.She had done it almost 4-5 times and Sannu was already tired changing diapers (and me disposing it).A few doses of Pedialite had worked on her and she looked a bit ok by 9:00, though we were both very disappointed that she lost most of her chubby cheeks and looked so weak and pale.This was not fair for the birthday girl.

We all slept by 11:30pm and when I woke up at 7:00am, Sannu looked so worried and tensed, a scene not to be seen very often. I then learnt that Pranu had started it once again and the worst part is now she was not taking any fluids.We deicded to visit her doc at 9:00 am.By then she had already done it 7-8 times.As expected, doc did not give any medicine, except advised us to fill her with fluids.Surprisingly she started taking rice starch the time we came back home and our dear friend Sonali suggested some home made medicine,which really made wonders.By 2:00pm she had completely stopped putting out and looked somewhat relaxed.We then had to rush to get lot of decorative items for the party.Oh my God,so many things pending and so less time. During the same time, my other friend called and informed that her Dad who was supposed to perform the magic show in the party is sick and will not come. Digesting that we ran to the nearby Party city to get all stuff, blew up about 40-50 baloons and reached the party hall at 4:00pm. While Sannu was as cool as ice, I was in the other extreme. She started decorating the banquet hall while I rushed to a departmental store to pick up some  soda and get the remaining baloons from party city. When I came back, Sannu had finished most of her decoration.O boy, she had done a amazing job, and that too all alone.I was very impressed. We then rushed home, by  which time there were already lot of relatives assembled at my home.Birthday girl was peacefully sleeping in Jeevan's lap.

Somehow we all managed to get ready by 6:45 and reached the hall at 7:10 after picking up the birthday cake on the way.By then there were atleast 15 to 20 guests in there and it was so embrassing to reaching late, we being hosts. DJ Amit and MC Vincent were also there on time and had already done their setup.

We started the party with  serving of the appetizers/starters and we both were making rounds talking to all guests. The dance floor was opened at 8:00 after the guest of honor and people slowly started coming to the dance floor. I was busy inviting everybody to the floor and probably by 8:30, most of them had made at least one visit to the floor.I was then thinking, half battle one.The dance continued till about 9:15 and then we announced the dinner.We had planned the cake cutting after the dinner.It was about 10:00pm and the dinner was still going on and we became a bit worried as Pranutha was feeling sleepy.MC then announced the birthday celebration and the cake was cut.By the time cake was given to all, some guests had already planned to leave, as lot of kids were tired and feeling sleepy. I think by 10:45 all had left except our relatives. We then had some family photos and left the place by 11:30 after packing all the stuff.

I could not sleep a lot that night as the memories of the party were just coming in front of my eyes and same was the case with Sannu.We were thinking of lot of things that were planned but not executed. But the most heartening thing was that all guests told nice things about the party and most of them looked happy that day, which is what we all wanted.


Author: pradeep