Back to blogging

Its been more than a year since I wrote anything on this blog. This website was just lying there with no updates. Today afternoon I was on a Summer Friday off and thought of making some revisions to it. I updated the  home page with some new graphics, updated my profile and told myself that I will be writing on this atleast once a week. Coming to once a week, I have also started a new 16 week photography workshop where in I am planning to take my daughter out to some new parkin every weekend for some photography session. That way I don't miss the precious summer and she also gets to see some new park every week. This resolution was passed last weekend but unfortunately I had miss the first week itself due to bad weather. Hopefully i get to do it this weekend. Once I am back from the visit, I am going to process the photos the same day and post some photos here in this blog. At the end of 16 summer weeks I am going to select 10 best photos out of it - chosen by my wife and close friends and will post it again here. Hopefully this exercise will keep my enthusiasm on updating this website and also my photography will get a new dimension.

Author: pradeep