I have always  dreamed of having a great body with all those six pack abs, chest, biceps, triceps and what not.But I realized long back that its extremely tough to achieve that and requires lot of dedication.As a matter of fact, I started hitting gym way back in 1999 when I was a fresh college passed out in India.I have been more or less punctual going to gym atleast 4 to 5 days a week.But till late it was mostly very light weight training, some cardio and few running sessions.

 Recently I was watching the video where in bollywood actor, Aamir Khan showed how he tranasformed from a chubby man to a rough and tough guy for his last film Ghajjini (which is loosely based on 2002 Hollywood thriller Momento). The video can be watched here -  I really got inspired watching it and came to a conculsion that if he can do it at 43, if I can achieve atleast 25% of what he achived, that would be really great. Hence I started a new rouitne where in I do a bit more heavy weight training, more cardio and more of running.

Today me and Jeevan both were in gym at sharp 6:00am, we did some stretching for 10 minutes, got on to the elyptical machine for 10minutes to just warm up ourselves. I found that this helps you a lot in weight training especially in the freezing weather and I am more at ease lifting weights. I then did 100 pull ups on the machine and 50 parallel bar dips.We then started doing exercises for chest and triceps parallely.Benchpress (flat and inclined), dumbell press, pull over,machine press were some of things we did for chest while triceps covered bar, curlbar, peach curl, machine pull, dumbell - single hand and double hand and back dips. We ended with some forearm weights and then realized that it was already 7:10, we had to rush back with just 3 sets of abdomen, on the declined bench.

 I had decided to start eating healthy, atleast in the morning and have been doing this since last 3 weeks.  Two reasons for this, one is to get my dream body (not sure if it will be just a dream!)and other is that when I did my physicals in late 2008, my doc found that my bad cholesterol had gone up from 125 to 153, which is not at all good considering the fact that I do lot of physical activities. One reason for that could be that my family was in India for 3 months and during that period I did eat lot of junk food. So all these made me stop having Indian breakfast and switch to Costco Raisn Bran or Oat Meal everyday morning. I have also started taking whea protien, we actually make smoothie and add the protien powder to it. Along with that I take two egg whites, all effort to add protiens to my body. This has actually helped me a lot, I dont get tired very easily now, I dont get cramps in the night on a day of heavy physical exercises and I sleep more peacefully now (untill Pranutha wakes me up in midnight for her formula). With all these, I got ready to office and had a nice sleep in the train, when I woke up, I was in Midtown Manhattan. One more day in office. Have a great day!

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