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We all see hundreds of back to school offers all over the internet now a days. These products range from computer to TV to a memory stick to a shirt and what not. But schoolproducts offers back to school offers on products that matter the most for getting back to school- the school items used by all students and teachers. You get great discounts on small items like a pencil,pens, ink, envelops, binders, posters, maps to big items like presentation boards,tables, chairs, filing cabinets, meeting tables. Discounts on these items go upto 70% and top of that schoolproducts.com is also offering free standard shipping on orders above $50. In addition to this schoolproducts also has plenty of items such as electronics,athletic supplies, arts and crafts etc.

Schools and colleges can also open a corporate account by signing up at their coporate form. By signing up corporates could enjoy special discounts and promotions and talk to dedicated account reps

School Products carries on this tradition of helping schools educate our kids. They are currently developing a nationwide program whereby they will donate up to 7 percent of every order back to local PTAs to help them raise money for school activities and programs.

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Photography - Canon 60d and PhotoManhattan - Part 3

This monday - August 15th was the last day of my photography class as PhotoManhattan and it ended with a photo exhibition from students of various batches. Though I did not get a chance to go to the exhibition due to timings of it (it was between 8:30 and 10:30pm), I had submitted my photos for the exhibition. And I heard from my friends that the response was awesome. My theme for the photo exhibition was the various moods of my 3 year old daughter. Though these photos are not really great ones, they are not bad too.


I am now left with a bigger question of buying lens. I was really interested at buying a low aperture lens,but the cost is something that is killing me. Even a Sigma OS 70-200 2.8F lens costs around $1150 at the best. I may just continue with the three lens that I have now - 50mm, 18-55mm and 55 to 250mm f4.0 to 5.6. I think these lens should be good enough for my level of photography to start with. But still looking at photos those low aperture lens take, I get tempted in buying one of them.

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Photography - Canon 60d and PhotoManhattan - Part 2


I had earlier written about my joining PhotoManhattan for a photographic beginers course. Its now midway and I must confess that the course is really worth if you are considering photography seriosuly and if you have no idea how manual settings work in a Digital SLR camera. My photography skills has definitely improved now and I now know what should I be doing on a bright sunny day, what should be I doing on a low light day, what I should be doing for motion photography,what should I be doing for getting various depth of fields, what should I be doing for taking nice portraits and what should I be doing for taking landscape photos. I also now understand exactly what is shutter priority and what is aperture priority and what kind of lenses I should be using for various photos. I still have about 4 classes left and also have a project assigned where in I will choosing a subject and take 6 photos of that subject every week for next 6 weeks. Out of that 6 photos will be selected for the final photo exhibition which will be on the last day of the course.

I am really happy that I took up this course and I hope to still learn more in next weeks to come. More than anything else I now enjoy taking photos of my daughter when we go out on the weekends as I can take the kind of photos I want. I am sure my skills will improve with time and more photos I take. One of the photo that I like really from last weekend's visit to Central Park is below.


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