Google Web Elements

One more feather to Google's innovation cap - Google today released a new feature called Google Web Elements which will allow you to easily add your favorite Google products onto your own website.

How is this different from those weather and other widgets that you have seen in the past? Well, the key difference is that even though you embed these web elements in your website, its google who controls these web elements. In sense, internally its equivalent to going to google website and using those google products. The other distinguishing feature is that these web elements can either be restricted to just your website or it can be a global web element. When its restricted to your website, then the updates are enabled only in your website. When its set as a global element, then somebody else can grab the code for this web element (a link is provided for that) and embed it in their website. Now any modification made anywhere is visible in all places where this web element is embedded. This is particular very useful for things like a discussion topic, say on a  movie or a game. You can use the Conversation element for this purpose.

Currently the following web elements are supported, with more to come in near future..
Calendar : Remind visitors of important dates by adding Google Calendar to your site.
Conversation: Let visitors post comments directly to your website by using the Conversation element.
Custom Search : Harness the power of Google to let visitors search your website and other sites you choose.
Maps: Add Google Maps to your site to help visitors find a location.
News: Show the latest Google News articles on your website, based on topics you choose.
Presentations:Embed Google Docs presentations into your webpage so visitors can watch them directly on the page.
Spreadsheets:Make sure your site's visitors see up-to-date information. Publish Google Docs spreadsheets directly to your site.
YouTube News:Keep visitors engaged by showing videos from YouTube directly on your website 
To demonstrate this feature, I have embedded a conversation web element below. Just taking a random topic, this is to discuss if you guys like this Web Element feature google has provided. I have set this as a global web element, so that anybody can embed this element in their website. If you have a site, please embed this there, just for testing this and lets see how it works.You need to login (google/yahoo/openid and few more) to comment.Please do leave some comment Smile

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Top 10 Twitter Applications - April 2009

I had listed the top 10 twitter apps for the month of march. Now lets see how did they fair in the month of April. Twitpic retains the top position with 3,328,816 unique visitors this month, it has seen a growth of 38% this month and its pretty consistent in its growth, which is commendable. Tweetmeme is a new entry in this list and it has the second highest unique visitors this month. It has seen a growth of 337% this moth. Something quite amazing!

Note that I have not taken the twitter website into consideration in rating and by default its the No1 site to access tweets. This list also does not consider mobile apps for twitter and its purely the web based clients for twitter

 The stats were collected from Compete.


Date: 04/2009      
   Month Δ    
Year Δ      3,328,816     37.66%   3,712.99%     1,685,030  337.85%   23,055.56      915,496     69.15%                  N/A      547,432     21.60%                  N/A      497,262     11.13%        455.2%      256,176    15.90%        541.2%      225,123       2.18%        468.7%     103,115    14.84%                 N/A     60,157    12.04%                 N/A     61,427      9.91%         -5.3%

  • Twitpic has continued its popularity and retained its No 1 position from February.Twitpic allows users to share their photos in Twitter.
  • Tweetmeme has debuted to second position. Its  a service which aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to determine which links are popular. Tweetmeme analyses links that people have "tweeted", organising and categorising them - devlivering streams of the most popular.
  • Tweetdeck is at the third spot this month with 541,218 unique visitors. Tweetdeck helps in streamlining tweets and notifications.
  • Fourth position goes to twittercounter.This app gives the top 10,000 most followed Twitter users.
  • At the fifth position is digsby and this app helps in centralizing  email, IM and social networking accounts into one desktop app.
  • Sixth position goes to twitterholic and this app is a popular app that ranks you based on your Followers.It lists the top 100 users.
  • At Seventh position this month is twitterfeed. Twitterfeed can help you post messages directly to twitter,, custom laconica installations, and via HelloTxt or, simultaneously to the many platforms supported by these services.
  • twtpoll is at eight position and as the name suggests, this helps you create a poll in twitter
  • Ninth position goes to retweetist and this app helps you to retweet others tweets.
  • stands at tenth position and this app tracks and ranks what URLs people are talking about on Twitter.
Below is the graphical representation of the growth in terms of unique visitors for this month!
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Wall Street

I am not a investor in the US stock market(so far, I have just invested in Indian stock market), but every time I go into WalStreet in downtown Manhattan, I get very excited just thinking about how much control this street has on the world economy. I am also quite happy now a days as ever since the general elections in India are over, the stock market has jumped more than 20% taking out lot of my losses.

This long weekend, I had my cousin visiting me from Florida and I was kind of a guide to him, taking around the Manhattan.We went to downtown, Statue of liberty, Wall street, Empire State building and Time square. Covering all these places in a day was quite hectic and it took us almost 12 hours (including our commute to NYC from Edison, NJ) - We had to go to Washington DC/Maryland on Sunday.

Just thought about posting some pictures that we had clicked over that trip!
Wall street was quite crowded with lots of visitors/ tourist, we had to wait really a long time to get our chance to pose in front of NYSE!

Recession had not taken out any excitement of the people to take a picture with the Bull. We all also took some pictures with the bull, with the hopes of catching it sometime soon.

Statue of Liberty was crowded as never before, the line for getting the tickets was endless and we had no hopes of making it through.We all decided not to visit this time. Just to get an idea of the people standing in the line, below is the picture.
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