Jquery and Clickable Maps

I have intergrated jquery with the clickable USA maps for one of the site I developed - thepracticesearch.com. In a normal situation using clickable maps is simpler, but I had a very specific requirement that I had to display the same map on 3 jquery tabs (function of jquery ui) with only difference being that the urls changed in each maps.

On click of the tabs the maps were getting loaded but the url remained the same for reasons unknows. I had to really struggle a lot on fixing this. Finally found a way to make this work - on clicking of the tabs, I added my jquery code to clear the entire dom under that div so that the jquery loads the maps freshly with the right href attributes. This worked like a charm on most of the modern browsers though I am yet to test it in older browser (really wondering if we need to make our application compliant to those IE6 etc)

I had spent quite a number of days figuring this out, so just thought it could be useful to somebody out there! The implementation can be checked at thepracticesearch.com and you see the Jobs by State and Jobs by Region section there.

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Pranutha turns three!!

My little daughter turned three today! Just can't believe it how fast time flies. Her birth at the JFK hospital here at Edison NJ in 2008 is still fresh in my memory.

We had a small party at my home last night with around 30 guests just to mark the occasion. With Pranutha being a big time Dora fan we tried to keep Dora as the theme for the birthday party. We had got a small moon bounce for kids to play in our basement and looked like every kid really enjoyed it a lot. Pranutha was very excited to see her cousins - Nishu, Nishitha, Vinu and her friends Shubhi, Ila, Aanya, Priyal, Yash, Soham, Vibha, Deetya (the little one which had brought lot of smile on Pranutha's face) & others. Overall me and Sannutha were very happy with the whole party since kids enjoyed it. The party ended with some food catered by the nearby Indian resturant - Sukh Sagar, Pizaas ordered for kids and ofcourse Pranutha cutting the Dora Cake!


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PraisedLight Relaunched!!

I have been very busy with lot of things off late and could not really work on my personal website. However this was a resolution that I had taken this new year and probably for the first time in my life had kept upto my resolution. The redesign of this website took me exactly 8 days and today on January 9th 2011, I am relaunching it.

Just to help anybody who are looking into migrating a existing joomla website into a new design and if a simple template replace is something that you are not looking at, then follow the below steps.

  1. Get a new copy of Joomla and get the right template, there are hundreds of them available in the internet.
  2. Configure all the pages by creating various menus and pages. This can be done manually and the static content for the pages can be copied from your old site manually
  3. If you need a blog in your website, then I suggest that you download some blog component available in the joomla extensions directory. I found one blog component by name JaggyBlog that was very cheap and simple to configure.
  4. Install the Export component from joomla extensions directory in the old site from where you want to export the joomla content. Export Content will move section(s), categories, content items and or static item(s) from Mambo to all versions of joomla or between Joomla sites and will allow you to move data from Joomla 1.0+ series to 1.5+ series or back without any programming knowledge.
  5. Under the "Export Content" menu Choose either "Export Site Content" which will allow you to select content by section(s) or "Export Static Items" to compile static/uncategorised Content only.Using the select boxes choose the content you wish to export then press the "Compile" button either for Joomla 1.0+ or 1.5+ series depending on the destination site.
  6. Download the compiled content from the source site via the "Download" button that will appear at the top and then install on the destination site via the site component installer, as you would any other component. If you have taken the steps above you should see the options under the "Imported Content Menu" will be populated with the imported content on the destination site.
  7. You will then be given the option of which section or category on the destination site to move the content into and save. Check the site admin menu under section, category or article manager depending on which action you took and you should be able to see any new data you have inserted/transferred.

Most of the website is configured as it was before with some improvements in terms of UI, but there are two things that are still pending in this site - Music section is still not configured - the program that I had written earlier to search for a album is not working with this new installation. I would probably need to make some changes to that program, will try to do that asap. The other thing that is pending is the Videos. I have lot of videos with most of them still on my Video camera and cell phones. I need to find time to transfer all of them to my hard disk and then make some movies out of it. I hope I complete it before Jan 30th for my daughter's 3rd birthday party ( i hope to show some of those videos to the guests on that day)

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