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47Mainstreet.com, the website that I designed and developed went live few weeks back. This is a dream project for 4 partners based out Tom River, NJ to bring the local US businesses from the mainstreet to the social arena. It took me almost 8 months to get the website built from scratch - of course this was done parttime in nights and weekends

This website has the best of all best websites - local deals, coupon emails, store fronts, products on sale - everything is focussed for the local merchants - it could be your local pizza shop, or the laundry shop next door or the face painting guy on the next block - this site will have everything eventually. Right now this is covering a very small town in NJ - Toms River with 3 zip codes- 08755, 08756, 08753. But the plans are to expand all over USA. If you happen to be in one of the zip codes from these towns, do check this nice site to see if you have any local deals for you and refer your friends. If you happen to be from some other town, please check this site in a future date.

A short description of this website from its webpage -  By registering at 47mainStreet.com you can now take advantage of all kinds of great local deals and fantastic offers from many of your local merchants only through this website. Just enter the coupon code printed on many of our direct mail coupons and we'll email you an exclusive web-only offer from that specific merchant. You can also do a search in our Local Store directory for other specific products and services that you may need from time-to-time. Each merchants storefront not only informs you about their business and Daily Specials, but also provides you with a way to communicate with that merchant one-on-one.

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